Frankenstein And Queenie Comparison

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Every author has a different style of writing. They create different works all their own. With that being said, each creates its own characters. Some may be very relatable, whereas others may seem as foreign as a creature from Neptune. They can both be interesting however. You may meet someone who is completely opposite of you, versus meeting someone who is practically the equivalent to you. There tend to be very few of these but you can generally find someone is fairly similar.
Amongst the works that we've read so far it was hard for me to truly pick someone that I related to beyond a generic level. After thinking I picked "Queenie" from A&P. She and I are not an exact match, but there are definitely similarities between us that go beyond the surface.
"Queenie" much like me doesn't like to show that she has a soft side in front of an audience of stangers.She presents herself in such a way that makes people perceive that she is a strong young woman who couldn't care less about her surroundings. I like to give off this façade when facing situations with many unknown people around me. On the opposite end of that though the slightest comment can break that within me. I can instantly be manipulated to show my true emotion that lie within me. She broke the instant marked on page 21 where it is stated "He comes over and says, 'Girls, this
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Not in the same sense though, because unlike "Queenie" I don’t want to be seen as a novelty who gives off the persona of being above others as written by Updike "She was the queen. She kind of led them, the other two peeking around and making their shoulder round. She didn’t look around, not this queen, she just walked straight on slowly, on these white prima-donna legs." I would to be seen as and equal but be able to take charge in situations when necessary, and be seen as someone to look up to in certain cases when a leader is needed to make strong
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