Frankenstein Antagonist Analysis

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The Antagonist in Frankenstein is The creature. The Creature is the antagonist because, he is against the main character, Victor, along with the fact that he is killing people to prove a point. I feel as though the antagonist is the creature because, he said, “I soon came to declare war against the human species and against he who had created me (Shelly, 10).” The creature clearly is upset about being created, but alternately, he could have honorably said how he feels he decides that he is going to hurt the entire human species as well as his creator. The creature also says, “Yes! Yes, I killed him, so that his death would bring despair to you, and a thousand miseries would torment and destroy you (Shelly, 10)!” The creature has just killed Victor´s, the creature’s creator, little brother William so it would hurt Victor for creating him. I refuse to see why the creature thought it was right to kill those people was to make a point across that he is alone included that he even feels horrible for being created. Also the character is the antagonist because, he says, “Prepare, Father, for your toils have only just begun! Wrap yourself in fur and gather food, for we shall soon enter upon a journey where your suffering will satisfy my hatred (Shelly, 13).” The creature wants to punish Victor more for letting him suffer for so long.

The creature obviously has plentiful problems in his life, but he does not realize he could have it worse and that some people just aren’t going to
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