Frankenstein Application Essay

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Frankenstein Application Essay, Writing Assignment 5

Can science go too far when it equips man with tools to manipulate life? Some of the underlying ethical dilemmas presented in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein are similar to ones we struggle with today, such as selective abortion. Shelley’s doomed creature mirrors the devastating result of bringing an unwanted offspring into the world, then shirking responsibility for it thereafter. The practice of playing God and choosing who does and who does not “earn” life ultimately results in profound negative moral consequences.

Just as Victor Frankenstein creates then abandons his creature after he beholds his faults, our current culture discards lives we have created because we do not deem
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Enforcing the existing ban on sex selective abortion could lead to normalization of the ratios”. (Zhu 1211)
India’s statistics are similar. According to the BBC “In 1961, for every 1,000 boys under the age of seven, there were 976 girls. Today, the figure has dropped to a dismal 914 girls. Although the number of women overall is improving (due to factors such as life expectancy), India's ratio of young girls to boys is one of the worst in the world after China. Many factors come into play to explain this: infanticide, abuse and neglect of girl children. But campaigners say the decline is largely due to the increased availability of antenatal sex screening, and they talk of a genocide”. In comparing the monster to a baby girl, one’s compassion naturally is for the innocent child. However, Shelley’s creature was very much like a child, a blank canvas either nurtured or left to the wilds of nature. Is it science and the desire of mankind to control nature that is the driving factor?

The answer lies in the climate fostered in Victorian England. It was one of unparalleled progress due to exploding industrialization of cities with modern factories, production processes, and advanced engineering. This exciting era also brought momentous discoveries in Geology, Astronomy, and the sciences. Discoveries like electricity and vaccines made a huge difference in the citizen’s quality of life. However, even though there was much advancement, the unsafe sanitation

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