Frankenstein By Mary Shelley (1797-1851)

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Mary Shelley (1797-1851)
Mary Shelley was an English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, and travel writer. Although she wrote many stories throughout her life, she is best known for her gothic novel, Frankenstein. She was an only 19 years old when she created the story of a eager science student and his amazing creation. Mary was vacationing in Geneva with her husband, Percy Shelley, and a group of famous literary friends including Lord Byron. During the rainy summer days, the group entertained themselves by reading a book of ghost stories. Lord Byron suggested that they all should try their hand at writing their own horror story. At first Mary showed little interest in writing a silly ghost story. Soon after she had dream where she saw images of a young scientist bringing a human back to life. She share the short story with her friends who encouraged her to continue developing the work into a novel.
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She is quoted as saying this summer in Geneva is "when I first stepped out from childhood into life". Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus was completed in 1917 published in 1818 by a small London publishing house. The initial printing was only 500 copies, but it quickly flew off the shelves and became an instant success. When first published, the book did not list an author. Many assumed the book was written by her husband, Percy, who was a collaborator and wrote the forward for the novel.
In a 1922 new publication of the book, Mary Shelley was credited as the author. Many agree that Frankenstein is more than just a graphic horror novel, but the birth of the Science Fiction genre. Over the years the Creature in Frankenstein has appeared in stories, movies, plays and has become a cultural

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