Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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When first reading the book of Frankenstein does one just think of a mythical science fiction book that really has no meaning? Frankenstein can have numerous meanings depending on how a person perceives it. Frankenstein can be analyzed into many themes; some say religion, feminism, or scientific symbolization, it all depends on ones own perception. When one analyzes further into Mary Shelly’s life and then interprets the novel it is obvious that is a sociological theme. One can simply assume that Mary Shelley creates Frankenstein through on her own life experiences and the sociological symbolism shows that. Mary Shelley experiences many tragic events throughout her life that are synonymous with the monster in her book Frankenstein. Mary…show more content…
Once Victor Frankenstein manages to bring to life the horrible creature, however, Frankenstein regrets his action immediately after seeing this hideous and gigantic creature; Victor then becomes frightened and flees to his home. The monster instantly became infuriated at the sight of his creator leaving him, the monster felt abandoned and alone. When Victor returns, he finds the monster has vanished and that the monster murdered his brother. The monster yearns for a female companion to become happy and implores Victor to create another monster to keep him company. Frankenstein agrees to create a female companion and then destroys it instantly with the thought of him creating another monster like the one he had already made. The monster watched Victor create and then destroy his new female companion, which drives the monster to kill the rest of Victor’s close friends and family in an attempt to make Victor to suffer as he does. The monster wants his creator to feel the pain and isolation as the monster has his whole life. The monster continues to search for love and Victor suffers as the result of his immoral actions. Victor Frankenstein returns home to his father after he was rescued at sea, where he shortly after, dies of grief. The creature then realizes that his monstrous ways was not the answer to his pain and suffering, the creature mourns over his creator and then dies as well. Killing the monster is not always the
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