Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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Like any author, especially one who created a new genre, there will be criticism, and Shelley is no exception. Shelley received criticism surrounding Frankenstein not only because she was a female writer, but because of her writing style. Originally, Frankenstein was published anonymously and was thought that her husband, Percy Shelley, wrote it (“Mary Shelley Biography” 2016). Shelley may have published Frankenstein anonymously because “’women understood that they got a “better hearing” if it was thought they were males’” (Ezell 35). Women who wrote literature in the 1800’s were not taken seriously and their pieces were seen as having no literary worth. Additionally, Shelley was both young and had no formal education, her style was bold and lacked refrain from grotesque details. Shelley wrote about psychological disturbances in Frankenstein and how Victor shows symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder (McCulloch 2002). Frankenstein also suggested an incestuous relationship between Victor and Elizabeth, who grew up as his “more than sister” (McCulloch 2002; Shelley 35). Shelley apologized for her bold and unrefined style in her diary entry written in 1831 and said that she was handed all the tools that she needed to be a distinguished writer but she let everyone down (Poovey 346). She may have felt this way because she had only one true success and could not live up to the expectations set forth by her novelist parents and her poet husband. Even though Victor deviates

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