Frankenstein Character Analysis

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When children fall on the ground, they learn how to get up and avoid falling again. Similar to this, people adjust to their life situations and learn from their previous mistakes. Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, exemplifies this attribute through Victor Frankenstein, who is an intelligent and hardworking scientist. His curiosity and passion drive him to create life out of death, but he becomes hubristic and winds up creating a monster. This creation results in Victor’s great suffering as the monster eliminates his family and friends. The monster makes his intentions clear and Victor is aware of the monster’s supernatural powers. Likewise, Victor realizes that his excessive pride caused all these miserable outcomes. Despite this, Frankenstein still maintains the same mentality, even after the monster’s warnings and the horrific events. Although Victor seems to have learned from the consequences of making the monster, he still fails to change from his arrogant mindset since his ego misleads him towards outcomes that are more dreadful.
Victor notices the patterns of the monster’s revenge and understands the potential damage that the monster could bring because of his supernatural abilities. He is also aware that the monster is targeting his close family and friends after undergoing the murder of his brother William and hearing the monster’s narrative . But even with this knowledge, Victor is still confident in his own ideas and abilities, which blinds him from the monster’s real
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