Essay on Frankenstein Continued: A Narrative Fiction

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I had just left my father’s funeral. I was wondering where my brother Victor was. He was not at the funeral; could he just have been at home? Why would he miss our father’s funeral. So I got in my carriage and rode home. Victor was not at home. So I went to ask the people in Geneva. One woman told me that victor had left for the Arctic. I asked myself: Why would Victor leave for the Arctic? I realized that I had no family member left, I was all alone. All the money and property was supposed to go to victor because he was the oldest son. But now since he is not here to inherit it, the money was all mine. I being a teenager thought that throwing a party would be fun. But then I thought let me get settled and used to this empty home. I…show more content…
If he had told us she would have been alive and the creature would have been dead. The creature demands a wife from Victor because Victor never did anything to help him. The creature even said he would move to South America so Victor would not have to see him ever again. That deal seemed very reasonable to me, however the creature killed our brother William. Victor leaves for England to make the bride. But he starts thinking about how there will be another monster in this world victor wondered, What if they have kids? Victor stops making the bride realizing that there may a new species with this creature. Apparently the creature finds out and he kills Henry. Why did not victor just continue, the creature would have just moved away with his wife? I had way too many questions but it got worse. Victor decides to get married to Elizabeth. But the creature believes if he does not get his wife neither does victor. So the creature kills Elizabeth on their honeymoon. Now father died because he was in shock of Elizabeth’s death. The creature caused many deaths, why did not Victor kill him?
The notebook did not really have an ending. It just ended at father’s death. I guess Victor forgot his notebook. I realized Victor was a jerk and mother taught us how beauty is everything. Yet Victor is not fully the bad guy, the creature went on this full on killing spree. Without a doubt I take the creature’s side because he was never given love and
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