Frankenstein Creative Writing Alien

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he jungle gave way to the lithe figure, running and jumping through the alien thicket, dodging and turning in her way to the familiar site. Even at such speed, probably with more reason, her eyes were watchful, alert. The low plants with the wide leaves and blue spots were harmless and edible, a brush with the tall red sprigs of the reeds in humid areas caused a fever. In the daylight such things were easy to distinguish even in a hurry, but it also meant that she had to be careful with the predators like the one chasing her. The girl reached the clearing, sighing of relief, but she was far from safe. Leaving the bushes and trees behind meant that the creature wouldn't be able to hide, its camouflage rendered useless, but it would also have freedom to move. The birds stopped their chirping, and just the buzzing of mosquitoes in the nearby pond broke the silence, not even her breath could be heard. The predator, a long lizard-like being covered in kaleidoscopic feathers stumbled out of the vegetation, its six legs moving in unison, its size almost equal to an Earthly horse. Its short tail, able to snap a small tree whipped the earth. The jaw, who could maim her in a bite, clicked in anticipation.…show more content…
The girl was holding a piece of metal, a weapon beyond her understanding that had seen better days and was a miracle that even worked for that last shot. Silhouetted behind her were the remains of a once proud ship, now turned into an overgrown cave, an impromptu refuge, a memorial for days barely
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