Frankenstein Feminist Analysis

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For many years, even to this day we are able to view how women have been dominated by men. It is obvious that men are seen as the most dominant figure throughout the story Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley. You can see that in the 1800’s, women were restricted to many commodities In the novel the reader can tell how she is able to prove that women are shown to be possessions other than independent like the men. You can immediately tell that Shelley's novel gives feminist qualities. Many interpreters actually view Shelley as someone who is centered around men when it comes to looking at the gender roles. As you can see in the novel most of the women are very quiet and actually all share something in common. Women back then and to this day can't stand up for themselves when it comes to men. Unlike Shelley she is able to reach out to her audience and let them visualize how important women really are. We can see that women are actually smart and can be confusing people. Unfortunately she is also able to show women such as Justine, elizabeth and Caroline as a control by the men in the novel, Frankenstein.
The definition of feminism can be interpreted in multiple ways. But the way that many see it as is “... a political, cultural or economic movement aimed at establishing equal rights and legal protection for women” (The History and Theory of Feminism). Humans today believe that there are theories or philosophies pertaining to feminism. For example, the issue of gender
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