Frankenstein Film Analysis

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Tiffiany Stewart
English 2122 British Literature
Module 11
Film Analysis Essay
Mary Shelley “Frankenstein” and Kenneth Branagh Film “Frankenstein”

Film adaptations generally differ from the novel on which they are based. Between Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley, and the film adaptation by Kenneth Branagh, there are many differences in detail, however this was done to illuminate major themes of the novel, for example, the dangers of the constant pursuit of science and Victor Frankenstein’s relationships. Nonetheless, there are similarities in the undertone of both mediums that portray mutual morals. Reading the novel and watching the film adaption demonstrated that although there are several differences between the two, the
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This was a significant scene because it fostered the later the obsession Victor has with the transference of energy and defeating death (13:01-15:36). Victor then takes his family on a walk and while a lightning storm approached them, Victor set up an apparatus which then displayed to his family how he could transfer electricity from the lightning to their bodies (Branagh). Though this scene never happened in the novel, it was supportive to the understanding of Victor’s deep curiosity in science and proved how electricity is an initial notion of scientific study, which Victor later uses to create life.
Victor Frankenstein then goes off to the University of Ingolstadt to study and become a medical doctor (15:39-17:30). While he is in school he points out to everyone that Professor Waldman had once experimented with reviving the dead. This successfully put Waldman’s reputation at serious risk, which Frankenstein uses as leverage to provoke Waldman's assistance in his own experiments. Later, Victor’s first trail at reviving life was bringing a frog back to life, and cheers his success. This aspect of Frankenstein's personality, however, is best exemplified by the films chief departure from the novel.
Branagh shows Victor to be a concentrated man who is incapable of accepting God's natural order of life and death. For the reason alone, he
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