Frankenstein Gothic Novel?

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Ryne Kolessar
Ms. Schroder
English IV
Frankenstein Gothic Novel? Many elements combine to make a gothic novel. Gothic novels include elements of darkness, mystery, unknown, suspense, and/or the presence of supernatural forces. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein includes many of these elements, which put it into the category of gothic novels. A key component of a gothic novel is its setting. While the setting of Frankenstein changes throughout the novel, the multiple locations all retain the mysterious and unknown atmosphere of classic gothic literature. Mary Shelley, the author of frankenstein, was born the United Kingdom, therefore a majority of her readers lived in the United Kingdom; during this time period it was more difficult to share books and products internationally. Henceforth, the setting of Frankenstein, Switzerland and Germany, would be very unknown and mysterious to most of Shelly’s readers, due to travel limitations during the time. Another example of mysterious settings would be the arctic scenes, as these locations have been unexplored during the time, therefore unfathomable to the readers of the novel. The novel starting in the north pole sets up the rest of the novel to be mysterious and unknown. The presence of supernatural forces is another major ingredient
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The novel's use of supernatural forces and death is another reason it could be considered a gothic novel. Death is a very prominent theme in the story. The final reason it is a piece of gothic literature is the characters. Frankenstein and his monster’s actions in particular are often driven by emotion and reactionary responses to events instead of a thought out response to a situation. Because of these reasons and themes Frankenstein stands as a great piece of gothic
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