Frankenstein Major Works Data Sheet Essay

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Title of Work: Frankenstein
Author: Mary Shelley
Date of Publication: January 1, 1818
Genre: Gothic
Biographical information about the author:
Born as Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin to William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft on August 30, 1789, Mary was the only child of her father and mother.
Hardly more than a week after having Mary, Wollstonecraft died, leaving William to raise Mary and her half-sister, Fanny, whom William chose to adopt.
When Mary was four, her father remarried but resentment was obvious between Mary and her stepmother.
Later, following the suicides of both Mary’s older sister and Percy’s wife, the couple wedded. Mary sank into depression following the death of three of her children and tolerating an unfaithful
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Unlike Victor, Walton would rather live than be taken by the dangers of exploration.

This quote is significant because it tells of the moment that Frankenstein’s troubles began. From this moment, when the monster comes to life, to the end of the novel, Victor is plagued by the horrors that the monster inflicts upon him. Had Victor not created the creature, or had his ‘experiment’ failed, he would not have lost so many loved ones and endured all the troubles that came with it.

Role in the story

Victor Frankenstein

Victor is the protagonist and primary narrator in the story.

Victor is a bright student who becomes tormented by the creation of the monster. He is evidence of the danger of too much knowledge.


Henry Clerval

Henry is Victor’s childhood friend who stays with him for much of the novel.

Clerval is able to bring Victor out of his depression when no one else can. After Clerval’s death Victor seems never to be truly happy again.


Justine Moritz

Justine was adopted into the Frankenstein family and was wrongly accused of William’s death.

Justine symbolizes justice in the novel. She was wrongly accused and convicted of murdering William, thus symbolizing the lack of justice for the creature, the real murderer.

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