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Frankenstein Research Paper In the novel, Frankenstein written by Marry Shelley, Victor had undoubtedly become relentless in pursuing the reanimation of life in an inanimate lifeless being. Victor could have inevitabely be called obsessed with his work. Victor Frankenstein had always been curious about the reanimation of human life. Until he attempted it and suceeded was when he knew he made a mistake. Victor Frankenstein was blinded by curiosity and obsession. Victor Frankenstein would become a victim of his own creation after creating such a being. Frankensein was always obsessed with his work ingoring his family and loved ones: “…place where Frankenstein has been practicing not his science so much as his isolation, living in…show more content…
So when Griffith compares the story to the nature of human beings, there is no doubt an impression on Victor’s curiosity and sanity: “Since Victor’s story is a story of creation, murder, investigation, and pursuit, Frankenstein is ultimately a book about our pursuit of self-discovery, about the knowledge of the monster within us” (Griffith 2). Griffith further supports the idea of Victor being the problem and his ignorance becoming increasingly detrimental to his family’s health. Victor’s actions inevitabely brings death and pain to his family although the monster is responsible. Victor is the real monster for creating the monster and negleting his very own creation. Also, after creating the being, he neglects its needs and wants and runs away from his responsibility as the creator. This quote from Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, shows that Victor, being too binded in his ambitions, did not think through the process of creating a human and rushed it creating a bitter and crushed soul: “Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature” (Shelley 83). William A. Walling goes on to say, “…still later, as the monster recalls the anguish he has endured because the life given him has fallen so short of his innate desires, he cries bitterly to Frankenstein”(Walling1) When Frankenstein created the monster, he created a living, breathing soul that could now
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