Frankenstein Study Guide Essay

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General 1. Title: Frankenstein
2. Author: Mary Shelley
3. Date of publication: Jan 1, 1818
4. Novel type: horror, Gothic, science fiction and tragedy
1. Point of view: Throughout most of the novel it is a first person narrative. The main narrator s victor Frankenstein however there are 2other narrators too; Walton and the monster. Walton’s narration is through letters. 2. Relationship to meaning: The first person narration helps the reader see things from the character point of view and also helps create doubt over what really happened or why something really happened. 3. Plot structure: A. exposition: Walton narrates how he has encountered a man named Victor Frankenstein while on his voyage through
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So the monster kills Frankenstein’s younger brother William. Justine a servant of the Frankenstein’s family is accused of the murder and is executed. E. events contributing to falling action: Victor overwhelmed by guilt and grief takes a vacation to the mountains and is approached his creation. The creature explains his actions to victor and then tells victor to build him a female companion so he will not feel lonely anymore. Victor begins to build the monster but then has doubts on the morality of building another creature and decides to destroy it and after getting rid of the remains in the sea he is hit by a storm and is washed up onto another shore and wakes up to find himself being accused of the murder of a man who is his friend Henry. After being released from jail a short time later by his father he marries Elizabeth his adopted sister and fearing his own death and the harm it would cause Elizabeth he sends her away only to realize that the monster actually wanted to kill Elizabeth he is too late and she is then killed by the monster and because of the overwhelming grief that victors father experiences from the 3 deaths in his family he dies. Victor becomes enraged and he vows to spend every speck of his energy into destroying the monster and will not stop until the monster is killed. F. resolution: Victor follows the monster on a dogsled into icy frozen land and thus the chase begins victor makes up ground and catches up to the
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