Frankenstein- Suffering of an Individual

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Frankenstein- Suffering of an Individual Anguish, pain, torment and suffering are all a part of our day to day lives. These may issue from a variety of causes such as great deprivation, hardships to emotional and physical loss. Many texts, such as that of Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly in the early 1800's, depict unalleviated suffering caused by living within societal norms. However very often, these sufferings are inflicted upon people by one individual and in the case of Frankenstein, this source is Victor Frankenstein. This statement becomes evident when examining the intersecting cultural beliefs of gender, class and ethnicity of the time. Gender expectations are differences created by cultures, therefore it can be seen as…show more content…
In addition, females weren't the only ones that experienced distress due to societal expectations; Victor's Creature also suffers unparalleled measures of sufferings and pain. The Creature in the novel is represented as the under class of society, due to the fact that he has no place to call home, and is thus portrayed as a fringe dweller forced; "… to inhabit caves and dens where no man would venture to intrude." Therefore, due to the fact that the Creature is categorised and associated with the under class, he endures great deprivation, torment and affliction; being alone for the entirety of his life. Nevertheless, the Creature is shown to be highly articulate despite being labelled as the under class of society; "I may boost that I improved more rapidly than the Arabian, who understood very little and conversed in broken accents, whilst I comprehended and could imitate almost every word that was spoken." Here, one can see that the Creature was highly intelligent in the way he was able to grasp the human language. Quite ironically, due to the fact that language along with gender can encode and maintain class differences, the creature is constructed to be both highly articulate and male, however is still categorised as the under class of society.
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