Frankenstein and Macbeth Comparative Essay

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Sutharsan Raguram
Ms. Andreopoulos
Friday, May-04-12
“Power as a Corrupting Force in Frankenstein and Macbeth” Power as a corrupting force has been present from the beginning of time and is often revealed in many works of literature. In the novel Frankenstein by Marry Shelly and Macbeth by William Shakespeare, corruption of power is well brought forth in the characters in both texts. In both stories, characters reveal power as a corrupting force through their thirst of knowledge. Characters also reveal power as a corrupting force through character change. In addition, the character’s action justify how corrupted they really are. Therefore, power corrupts the individuals because of character’s extreme ambition which leads to
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Likewise, Victor and the monster’s extreme ambition get them to seek for knowledge and that leads to gaining power which corrupts them. Victor has great interest in science. He reads many philosophical texts on alchemy and science. Macbeth’s thirst for knowledge began at one pint in his life, so does Victor. Victor was reading books and saw lightning hit the tree. He is intrigued and his thirst for knowledge roots there. After Victor sees the lightning he says, “Before this I was not unacquainted with the more obvious laws of electricity. On this occasion a man of great philosophy was with us, and excited his catastrophe, he entered on the explanation of a theory he had formed on the subject of electricity and galvanism, which was astonishing to me.” (Shelly 27) Victor’s thirst for knowledge is powered by his interest like Victor. This lead him to studying in the university of Ingolstadt and all the research gives him power to create life. This makes him see himself as God, he has broke the natural law just as Macbeth who broke the natural law killing Duncan, who was close to God. Even the monster seeks for knowledge, he has been living under a hovel quite someone examining the lives of a family. The monster was to the woods and he saw a bag filled with books just as Macbeth walking and saw the witches. The books and witches are both sources of knowledge which gives the individuals Macbeth, and monster power. At this point of the novel, the monster is

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