Frankenstein and Real Monster

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Discrimination Jennifer Shi

Discrimination is treating someone differently, often unfairly, because he/she is a part of a specific group, class or category of people. For instance, a girl named Wu Qing in China was discriminated against and could not find a job because how her body was a bit chubby and the scars in her face from an accident in her early childhood. Even though she was kind and used to be straight-A student, she had no friends. Now, she is looking for selling her kidney in order to pay the plastic surgery fee. Discrimination can change a person from innocent to evil is an important theme in the novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. Even though
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In the novel Dr.Frankenstein shouts, “You are an evil creature. I shall kill you if I can…” (Shelley 20) and he also says, “we are enemies, leave me now or let us fight until one of us is dead…” (Shelley 20-21)This quote conveys how much the Dr.Frankenstein hates the monster as he wants to kill him. All of these actions the Dr.Frankenstein has done are solely because of the monster’s countenance that leads to the creator himself who made how the monster looks like wants to kill the monster! How sad and disappointed the little baby-like monster must be. In addition, the inequality he tolerates is far more than just the hurt from his own creator. He has been discriminated against by the drowning girl and her father. He has saved the girl’s life but her father shoots him instead of rewarding him. In the novel it is written, “I fell to the ground in great pain, and the man and the girl ran into the woods as fast as they could, and left me. The bullet was deep in my arm, and I lost a lot of blood…I had saved the girl’s life…with a bullet in the arm!” (Shelley 30-31) This quote reveals the strange results of saving a girl’s life – deep in pain, lost a lot of blood and of course enormously trauma emotionally. It sounds like he has done something horrible simply because of saving someone who is in danger. He has done nothing wrong, is the cruelty, the little human cannot stand the
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