Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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“During my first experiment, a kind of enthusiastic frenzy had blinded me to the horror of my employment; my mind was intently fixed on the consummation of my labour, and my eyes were shut to the horror of my proceedings. But now I went to it in cold blood, and my heart often sickened at the work of my hands.” (Shelley, 178) The Romantic Movement began in the 1970’s and ended in the 1850’s. One of the key ideas shared by Romantics was that a literal and metaphorical return to nature was necessary. They believed that the individual was the most important part of society. Romantics rejected the Scientific and Industrial Revolution. They believed that cities prevented individuals from discovering the sublime. Mary Shelley’s Romantic and Gothic novel, Frankenstein, opens with a series of letters from Robert Walton, an explorer, to his sister. Throughout these letters, Victor Frankenstein’s story is told. He was born into a wealthy family, and studies at a well-known school, where he develops an interest in biology. Eventually, Frankenstein is able to bring corpse back to life. He is horrified by his creation and abandons the monster. The monster eventually kills everyone that Frankenstein loves and in doing so, he also indirectly kills Victor. The monster then feels guilty and kills himself. Frankenstein reflects the Romantic views of Mary Shelly. There are many Romantic elements in Frankenstein. There is the evident dehumanization of the Industrial Revolution. Shelley also

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