Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Essay

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


‘Frankenstein is full of ideas and warnings which are relevant to a modern audience.’

-Discuss the enduring appeal of the novel.


Despite being over a century old, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has continued to hold public interest for nearly two hundred years. The novel was published 1818 and is one of the most acclaimed gothic stories in the history of literature. It has remained a firm favourite with audiences of the past and present, and has been adapted and re-told many times through various different kinds of media, for example; radio programmes, theatre, art, children’s comic books and cartoons, television
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Frankenstein has prevailed for many different reasons including some of the following;

Ÿ It is interesting and has been very well written.

Ÿ It is a provocative gothic novel with an appeal of mystery.

Ÿ It raises all sorts of (moral) issues throughout- some that have been explored in the text are still relevant to today’s world (prejudice, parenting, morality, and scientific advances.)

There is no doubt that many factors influenced and inspired Shelley to write Frankenstein; we know that she had learned about various philosophical and scientific doctrines. Galvanism (the re-animating of a corpse) was a popular topic of discussion and interest at her time, and it seems this was an important influence for Frankenstein. However, her personal experiences seem to have also influenced her; her mother died just ten days after Mary had been born, and her half-sister committed later committed suicide. Shortly after this Percy Shelley’s wife, Harriet also committed suicide. An effort was made to resuscitate her, although she died later. The next

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