Frankenstein vs Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

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Frankenstein Comparative Essay Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, is a novel about a creature that is produced by Victor Frankenstein, as a result of his desire to discover the secret of life. Dr. Frankenstein founded this secret by animating dead flesh and stitching human corpses together to create a superhuman. As a reader, one realizes the consequences of Victor’s discoveries through series of unfortunate events that occur in the novel. The story begins with four letters which help introduce the story from Walton’s perspective as he meets Victor and learns the truth and tragedy behind Dr. Frankenstein. However, throughout the novel, letters are sent from Elizabeth and Alphonse, which further develop the story.
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Character development determines what ways characters affect the progress of the plot; therefore in both novels, one can identify events that begin to answer each novel’s mysteries. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Lanyon receives a registered letter from Henry Jekyll, that presents a list of duties he wishes Lanyon can do in his favor. He asks if he can go to his drawer in his lab, to pick up items that are to be given to a man, that would visit Utterson’s dwelling that same evening. The items included salt, a vial of blood, and liquor. That evening Edward Hyde, the strange looking man, arrived and used the items Utterson had picked up. In the next moment, it was no longer the strange man that stood before Utterson, but Henry Jekyll. As a reader, this discovery explains that Jekyll took a special potion, which changed his identity of Mr. Hyde to Dr. Jekyll. This also explains that the murderer of Sir Danvers Carew was Jekyll in Hyde’s body. Lanyon states, “The creature who crept into my house that night was, on Jekyll’s own confession, known by the name of Hyde and hunted for in every corner of the land as the murderer of Carew.” (Stevenson, Page 59) This quotation signifies the verification of the murderer, as well explains why the letters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were identical. This further develops the plot, as characters are developed which help justify the mystery in the novel. Elizabeth’s letter written to Victor Frankenstein, expresses
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