Frankenstein's Monster

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In many books and stories the monster is portrayed as a mysterious, awful, powerful and inhuman creature created for numerous reasons. In one story the monster was created so that the creator could prove that he could make life and be just like God or be a God, in another no one knows the origin of the monster as a fact making the stories merely legions. Additionally, there was even a story about a man who didn’t want to feel any empathy for the crimes he committed so he created his own special kind of monster, himself. All of these monsters have very strange abilities that make them seem unreal and very inhuman yet also very believable at the same time, thus why they are such good stories, but over the year’s big movie industries such as…show more content…
This is why he terrified everyone who saw him as he was trying to find his creator, Victor Frankenstein. In the story, Victor Frankenstein never tells us how he really created the monster which adds to its mystery and horror of the idea of his monster. In the first Frankenstein movie that came out in 1910 it describes the monster in a less horrifying way; when the movie came out they made him come to life with a cluster of electricity and he had bolts in his neck, which would never let him live due to the fact that you have carotid arteries there making it less realistic that he would really be alive, and in later films such as the 1931 film they start to make him more green instead of the yellow and dead look he had in the story. In the story it gave more mystery and realistic views on how he looked and acted, but in the films it didn’t give much of either a mysterious view or a realistic look, and in the movies they made the…show more content…
When you start to take little characteristics out the story, even if they don’t seem like they are that vital, it could take away a big part of the story for the audience. With the monsters talked about they were portrayed a certain way in the writing that made them seem fictional, but possible making them such good stories to read. So, when the movies started to come out and they were missing some of the key details the audience who had never read the books didn’t understand the full concept of what they were watching, they didn’t understand that the monster on the screen was meant to be more realistic and believable to scare them and make them think that the being on the screen could be real or possible. That is why details are important in stories, and when creating a something based off a book or story it should be as close to the description as possible. Otherwise you could ruin the idea of the story based on only a few
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