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- Franki the Whale - As predicted the stadium was packed full, leaving a handful of places to sit up front near the band and cheerleaders. She gave Capri that look, the rightful glance that screamed ' I told you so.' She would have been more mad, but she happened to like the marching band for the most part, so sitting by them was not as terrible as it is for most. Plus, Alix Hale just asked her out on a date, how could she let herself be brought down. Not to mention the greasy intoxicating smell of something fried and fattening beckoning her to spread all her money on one morsel of food to shove down her throat. Yet she proceeded to moan and groan, as she should. "Look I told you all the seats would be taken if we didn't get here early,"…show more content…
Sh recognized a girl from dance pushed against the wall of the concession stand as her supposedly boyfriend nibbled at her neck. There obviously was no definite split of scholarship and money kids, some of those druggies had no talents or brains, only money, and not all frantically cheering football lovers pack the big bucks. It stood out to her though, and her earlier excitement about her and Alix going to the fair starting to morph into a flicker of worry. Can she handle his world, and can she handle his? How different are they really? Despite these deep emotional philosophical personal dilemmas her stomach gurgled unhappily as she stood idle in line with Capri by her side. She has no reason to worry right now, have fun with life and eat food. Great mantra there. Franki looked over at her friend, and raised a brow. "Sooo, what did Mr.Wonderful have to say? You are still breathing, so it can't be too crazy," Frank shrugged, recalling Capri wrapping her arm around Adrian's(OOC: FINALLLLLLLY) as he escorted her up the hill to the stadium. She felt her own cheeks grow warm as she thought about walking close to Alix and her fingers randomly brushing against his. And then it hit her . . . . SHE DIDN'T FREAK OUT OVER HAVING ALIX ASK HER OUT . . . . impossible. "Oh, and Capri! Guess what?!" she beamed, moving up in line with a bounce. "Alix. Asked. Me. On. A. Date. LIKE A REAL ONE! AND ME! MEEE!" She squealed, jumping up and down as she grabbed onto

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