Frankl and Searle: Analysis of the Difficulties of Life

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Frankl and Searle: An Analysis of the Difficulties of Life The meaning of life has been debated by some of the most illustrious minds of the twentieth century. In fact, this particular, complex concept has always been a topic of discussion, as long as man has walked the earth. The dictionary states the life is "the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase," but in reality, life is much more than this simple definition. The following paragraphs will discuss the complexities of life from two standpoints: that of Viktor Frankl and John Searle. The first point to be discussed here is the answer to the question of how Victor Frankl would answer the following: what does it mean to be human? From various readings, one can certainly see the author's point on life, love, suffering and humor. Human, for the author, can mean, a variety of things. First of all, humanity is transitory, and humans are on earth for a very short time. Frankl also discusses, in his writing, how humans face all the transitory events that life has to offer, and especially how they deal with death. To the author, being human means all these things, and especially realizing that life is infinite and that humans are not immortal, and subsequently dealing with this realization. Frankl states, in this regard, "Only under the threat and pressure of death does it make sense to do what we can and should, right now. That is, to make proper use of the moment's offer of a meaning to

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