Franklin College Mission Statement Analysis

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Franklin College values their student to excel as a person and in the work field. The college’s mission statement is “Franklin College shall attain excellence as a personal, participatory, values focused, career sensitive, liberal arts teaching and learning undergraduate community. The college shall motivate and prepare its graduates for productive and satisfying lives of excellence, leadership, and service.”
Franklin has taught me three main characteristics: excellence, leadership, and service. These three characteristics that I have learned helped to develop me to be the person I am now. Franklin College wants their students to understand and learn excellence. Excellence is being your best on everything you do. My freshman year I decided to join Tau Kappa Upsilon where I have grown as a person and have strived for excellence. Tke has made me want …show more content…

Service is bringing skills to an organization to help increase the good of the organization. Taking this class and participating in habitat for humanity made me grateful for whom I am and what I have. People do not realize how much they have unless they participate in a program like habitat for humanity. When our group went to go do our service, we ended up going downtown Indianapolis. We arrived there and the people that managed this site greeted us graciously. Then we went inside the house. The house was not that big and needed a lot of work done to it. They explained the background information on the house then, we were put straight to work. First we had to pick up a ton of shingles off the ground and throw them in the dumpster. Then we had to demolish one of the walls, which I thought was the best part. Everyone working there was so grateful and thought it was their time to give back to the community. Performing a service is a great way to witness firsthand how little some people have and it feels good to give back to a great

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