Franklin Corner Bar And Liquor Store

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Franklin Corner bar and liquor store has more than 20 competitors located in the area, including independent stores, Shoprite Wine and Spirits, and Joe Canals Discount liquor outlet. Franklin Corner markets solely through word of mouth. They are located between two large apartment complexes, which are where they get most of their customers. Their customers at the bar range from ages 40 to 60. At least 70% of their customers visit the bar 3 to 4 times a week. Even though Franklin corner’s bar has a very high customer retention rate, they earn most of their revenue by selling liquor. One of Franklin Corner’s top competitors is Shoprite Wine and Spirits. Shoprite has been one of the largest retail-owned supermarkets in the United States for decades. In 1965 Shoprite decided to extend their brand by opening liquor stores in several of their locations. Shoprite has an established reputation for selling low priced products compared to their competitors. Their stores are able to offer their consumers the lowest overall prices, and the greatest value, in the marketplace by buying in volume. Joe Canals discount outlet store is another top competitor to Franklin corner’s liquor store. Joe Canals carries a wide range of craft beer, wine and spirits at a low price point. They also have free wine and beer tastings weekly, celebrity appearances, wine and spirits education and special events. A disadvantage that both Shoprite and Joe canal has is the inability to expand to many

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