Franklin D. Roosevelt A Heroic President

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Franklin D. Roosevelt a heroic president

“My friends, I want to speak with you tonight about a problem that concerns us all….”
The voice was a recognized across the country. More than 60 million people huddled around their radios to hear what was then called “fireside chats”.They were named that because of the relaxed and calm tone he always used, people thought they were sitting by a fire.The president had a special way of making all his listeners feel like he was talking to them personally.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the U.S.A he is most commonly know for being the commander and chief during wwII one of the worst wars in U.S history. He served as president from 1933-1945. He was also in the military and had a degree from Harvard university. Roosevelt was Born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York. His parents where Sara Roosevelt and James
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He also improved working standards for workers. And in terms of foreign policy, his greatest accomplishment was being able to eventually get America to the allied cause against both Nazi Germany and Japan. What FDR did was restore American confidence and create sense of optimism in the midst of the Depression. He always kept a positive attitude during his “fireside chats.” This led to FDR being the only president to be elected 4 terms in a row. FDR put regulations for what businesses could do. The great depression was caused by many factors including greed and bad credit. FDR had a lot of experience about wars, because of his experience he was able to help guide america through wwII. Before the U.S was directly in wwII it game aid to the allies. But when japan bombed pearl harbor and declared war on the U.S it took the U.S congress only 1 day to declare war on the Japan. He made smart decisions on how to attack germany. As commander and chief he won the war against japan and germany
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