Franklin D. Roosevelt And Public Health

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Franklin D. Roosevelt/Health Care Administration Introduction The paper provides detailed information about Franklin D. Roosevelt contribution to the community and public health with regards to how the individual’s contribution impacts on today’s public health system. The previous paper provided the historical background and the personal beliefs that prompted Roosevelt to make his contributions to the community and public health. The paper will also discuss how the input of Roosevelt is still relevant today and how his contributions could support or be expanded for future community and public health benefits. During his reign as US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt realized that his desire to reform the health sector would require the backing of the people for it to pass through Congress. His tenure between 1933 and 1945 was characterized by the Great Depression, World War I, and the New Deal that included the Social Security Bill (Physicians for a National Health Program, 1999). The Great Depression presented a perfect opportunity for President Roosevelt to pass a mandatory health insurance in the US, but the country was reeling from the effects of the depression with unemployment and millions out of work. Unemployment insurance became his priority before taking a swipe at the inclusion of a health insurance bill since he feared that including the Health Insurance Bill in the Social Security legislation would face opposition in Congress. Before his Presidency, FDR won the
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