Franklin D. Roosevelt. During The Great Depression In The

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Franklin D. Roosevelt During The Great Depression in the United States, 13 million people and the country were in an economic crisis. The nation blamed the Republican party for the economic crisis and for their inability to fix it by the 1932 election.Thus, the election resulted in a win for Democratic Party and the former governor of New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On March 4 1933, Roosevelt was inaugurated president by a nation in need of hope. FDR took action immediately to deal with the depression by closing the banks temporarily to allow an increase of confidence by the American population. Although some historians argued that FDR was moving the nation towards socialism rather than capitalism, Roosevelt, however was able…show more content…
Each fireside chat addressed the issues that had occurred and his ideas for improvement. For instance, as banks shut down then later reopened, citizens were hesitant to secure their money in the reopened banks. However, in one of FDR’s fireside chats he motivated the nation to trust the bank when he stated; “People will again be glad to have their money where it will be safely taken care of and where they can use it conveniently at any time. I can assure you my friend, that it is safer to keep your money in a reopened bank than under your bed.” This shows that FDR wanted to motivate the country and demonstrate a recovery for the economy. Another example of his effective communication skills occurred in 1932, during his presidential campaign. FDR presented a speech to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. The speech addressed FDR’s belief that change was possible. The country had lost hope when the economy collapsed in 1929, but FDR was willing to restore this by positively communicating his ideas. He stated that; “The final word belongs to no man; yet we can still believe in change and in progress.” Following this speech, FDR won the 1932 Election, which meant that the country believed in change as he did. The speech proved that FDR was an effective leader because he was able to motivate and uplift during the Depression. The country was in need of a leader who believed that there was a solution to The Great
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