Franklin D. Roosevelt: Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

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During President Roosevelt’s speech, he used logical appeals (logos), emotional appeals (pathos), and credibility appeals (ethos). Even though President Roosevelt was sitting in a wheel chair during his speech, it was still considered formal because he was the President. The reason this speech took place was to inform the nation about what Japan had done to our country and also to declare war. The tension between the United States and Japan all began over the differences of China back in the 1930’s. The country of Manchuria, which was then a part of China, was conquered by Japan. Instead of stopping there, Japan wanted more; they wanted all of China. So in 1940, the government of Japan made an alliance with Germany. The following year, the Japanese government took over Indochina. What did all of this have to do with the U.S.? Well, because the U.S. had ties with East Asia, politically and economically, the decisions Japan were making were also affecting the U.S. So, America took it upon itself to increase military and financial aid to China. The reason this decision was made was to cut off oil shipments and raw materials to Japan. This is what really angered the Japanese.…
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