Franklin D. Roosevelt : The Greatest Presidents Of The United States

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As many people know, Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents of the United States. In his early years, he attended Harvard University and Columbia Law School. In 1910, he won the election in New York and became a state senator. At the age of 39, he was diagnosed with poliomyelitis.That didn 't stop Franklin D. Roosevelt from his political career.To regain movement in his legs he practice swimming. In 1924, he appeared in the Democratic Convention to nominate Alfred E. Smith. In 1928, he became Governor of New York. His Presidential career started in November 1932. He was the 32nd President of the United States. He was the only president that was elected four times in a row. When he became president in his first 100 days he proposed a sweeping economic reform, the “New Deal”. By March there was 25 percent unemployment in the United states. In 1936, the rate of unemployment dropped from 25 percent to 14 percent. FDR was known for leading the United States through The Great Depression and WWII. As a result of the war, issues stemming from the great depression were being relieved such as unemployment.The Great Depression was a main problem that caused many americans to panic.

In January 6, 1942, while we were in war, Roosevelt gave a state of Union address in front of Congress.This was considered one the greatest speech of all times. In his 35 minute speech, he had 30 main points.In his strongest speech during the WWII, he stated many key points on how we…
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