Franklin D Roosevelt and the American Political System

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The United States can be considered to be the result of its presidents and of the politics they undergone. Almost all the presidents of the United States are considered to have been leaders in their own times. From this point of view, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the most influential and most powerful men in the history of the US. He led the United States out from a crisis the US would emerge victoriously and into a war it would win. The Great Depression and the period of the New Deal was a trying time for the United States. From this point of view, the president played a crucial role. "FDR may be credited with holding the nation together during the catastrophe of the Great Depression, patching together a welfare state American-style, and bringing a reluctant citizenry to support the embattled nations of Europe" (Abott, 1990). In this sense, the Crisis of 1929-32 was the cornerstone for the Roosevelt Administration. At that moment in time, the entire population was in disarray from an economic and social point of view. Another crucial element at the beginning of the Roosevelt Administration was the reconstruction attempts. More precisely, they had to focus on the best means available for reconstructing the country as well as its citizens. Roosevelt addressed the challenges he faced in a very pragmatic manner. While running for president, he underlined the need for employment as a result of the 1929 crisis. More precisely even, in order to reach the highest
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