Franklin D. Roosevelt 's Impact On The United States

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During his presidency, Franklin D. Roosevelt proved true to his words. He created many new jobs for people everywhere and opened the door to a better life. He helped those in need and gave out federal relief. Roosevelt was more concerned about the American economy than having any kinds of relations with a country. The president announced a “Good Neighbor” policy which abandoned any nation’s right to interfere in the affairs of another. Roosevelt called all the U.S troops on Haiti and the Dominican Republic to come back home and be with their families. In addition, Roosevelt ceased the Platt Amendment, which had allowed the United States the right to intrude in Cuba since 1901. America did not want to be involved in any kind of foreign affairs. They wanted to focus on building up the economy again. On the opposite side of the world, tensions between European and Asian countries started to upsurge. Many Americans depended on Roosevelt to not intervene in matters that had nothing to do with American business. The president knew that if he were to send an army to help aid the distant countries, then the people would fear that their own would perish. In addition, many people believed that World War I is what caused their economic collapse. Several citizens thought war as a wicked idea and would prefer to stay out of it. Roosevelt knew how everyone felt about going into war and took action by using means that did not involve sending troops to far away countries. During the 1930s,
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