Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

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After taking this class and learning about leadership I think that there are many qualities to leadership. I believe an effective leader should demonstrate teamwork, integrity, compassion, respect, good communication skills, the ability to listen to others, have the ability to delegate, have confidence, initiative, a positive attitude, be creative, have self-discipline, be responsible, have courage, charisma, character, competence, passion, problem solving skills, and most of all, be teachable. These are all in addition to the traits we learned from Bennis which include having a vision, a distinctive voice, being adaptive, and having integrity. Some of the leadership qualities I think I have strengths in include: teamwork, delegation,…show more content…
The development of my leadership can be attributed to my roles in group projects throughout school and also my job as a manager at Walgreens. I have learned that groups don’t always function properly and in certain instances there needs to be a push in the right direction for some members of the group. I try to lead the group by motivating other members and sometimes threatening them with a punishment because of their own lack of effort towards our common goal. My role as a manger at work has also shaped my leadership capacities by making me in charge of the store and the people working. When it comes to adversity I don’t think that I have faced much in my lifetime. Being compared to the adversity that other people have faced in their lives the things I have overcome are minor and not necessarily life changing events. One person that I admire is Lauren Conrad, who is a self made fashion designer with a great character and moral compass. She is from Hollywood but he is a good genuine person despite her surroundings and she is an inspiration to me other young women around the globe. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States and is arguably one of the greatest presidents and leaders in United States history. Franklin D. Roosevelt is the only American president to be elected to four terms and since then there has been an Amendment passed that says no person should serve more than two
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