Franklin Delano Roosevelt: My Favorite US President Essay

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Who is my favorite president? That is a question I have never had to ask myself. There has been so many presidents that have done good things for our country, but there has also been some Presidents that have not done so well as far as the citizens of the United States are concerned. It seems that every elected president i have ever seen or heard of in office has done something wrong based on the fact that there are citizens that do not agree with a decision that he has made, whether it be sending our troops overseas to fight in a war or applying some type of law that they feel will help with our economy or improve the quality of life of the citizens. Regardless of what decisions are made it seems to be there will be someone that…show more content…
In 1914 Roosevelt ran for a United States senate seat but lacked support from the White house. In 1920 Roosevelt was nominated for a vice president as James M. Cox’s running mate but lost. While vacationing in New Brunswick, Canada Roosevelt contracted polio. Roosevelt refused to face the fact he was permanently paralyzed and tried numerous therapies looking for a cure. Roosevelt was never able to regain full use of his legs, but established a foundation in the warm springs in Georgia to help others suffering from polio and later on began a march of dimes program that developed an effective polio vaccine. Roosevelt worked hard to teach himself how to walk again, although it was for short distances and using braces, he never gave up and he made sure he was not seen in his wheel chair in public. In 1928 Roosevelt ran to be governor of New York and won by a small margin. In 1930 Roosevelt saw his opportunity to run for presidency and began his endeavor. Roosevelt believed in government intervention in the economy to provide the citizens relief and recovery. By the time Roosevelt took office in 1933, there was over thirteen million Americans that were unemployed and there was hundreds of banks closed down. President Roosevelt faced the hardest economic times while in office. Roosevelt Formed a “brain trust” which consisted of economic advisors that helped set prices, create jobs for young men and regulated wages and prices and by 1936 the economy showed

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