Franklin Delano Roosevelt 's First 100 Days

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Darin DuPont
Professor Pfiffner
May 4, 2017
Term Paper
Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s First 100 Days The Great Depression was one of the biggest economic downfalls of the United States in its history. One man changed the direction of the country by working diligently to bring the United States out of this depression. His personality, charisma, and ability to overcome his own suffering brought life back into a country who was divested by the Great Depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, came up with a package of policy and programs that would help boost the economy and drive consumption and investment back into the country, in his first 100 days. The main thing that he did was to set precedents that would be followed by Presidents to this
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It was not the prettiest of jobs but it helped put people to work and create a better environment at the same time, working on planting trees, cutting firebreak, or building bridges.
The New Deal did more than just bring jobs, it helped improve individuals lives and the way they were able to live. We could go on and on talking about each legislation and what it did for the people, but we can conclude that these pieces of legislation helped the United States get out one of the most difficult times in history. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt put the United States on his back and guided them through a vicious jungle. These legislations set a new standard of operation for the government that FDR did not intend it to be. That standard would be the increase of control within the White House in the influence of legislation, as well as the continued measurement of the first 100 days of a new President’s term, which has been a unique measurement.
FDR brought on a standard where key legislation ideas and pressure can be centered inside the White House. During the first 100 days FDR was the face and the light that the people saw and behind the scenes his advisors were formulating how the New Deal would take shape. The creation of new parts of the government, skyrocketing the footprint of the federal government throughout the country, and the development of a stronger federal
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