Franklin Regional Panthers Football Essay

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Franklin Regional Panthers Football

Defensive Line Fundamentals,
Techniques, and Drills

The Franklin Regional Defensive Lineman
A Panther defensive lineman should have ambition. You must fight to win every play. Failure is not an option! YOU are responsible for putting doubt in the minds of our opponents!
A Panther defensive lineman should be coachable. YOU will go full speed every play. YOU must be able to take advice and criticism. YOU should be eager to learn. YOU must DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!!

What it takes to be a Panther D-Lineman

Pride: You must have pride in yourself, in your teammates, in your school, in your scheme and coaching staff.
Aggressiveness: At Franklin Regional we want to develop and maintain a reputation as a tough, hard-nosed, aggressive football team. This reputation will help us gain a mental edge on our opponents.
Toughness: You are on the defensive line because you are tough…you like to throw your body around…you are reckless…you will practice and play with pain in order to achieve greatness!

Essentials of Good D-Line Play
- Initial Move: You must attack and react on the move. Make the play on their ground and establish a new line of scrimmage.
- Keys: Know your opponent! Your ability to react to blocking schemes that tell you run or pass. Stance of OL, splits, etc. Be alert!
- Technique: Hands on! Good leverage. Get extension and keep blockers from getting into your chest. Proper use of your body to…

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