Franklin Roosevelt And The Making Of Modern America

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the book, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Making of Modern America, the entire life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) is told. This book includes all aspects of the former democratic Presidents life, from his parent’s life, his education, his life before presidency, his time in office, and his death. James Roosevelt 's father Isaac, became wealthy through trading real estate, dried goods, and West Indian Sugar. James Roosevelt, like his father, grew up respectably wealthy near the banks of the Hudson River. After graduating from Union College and Harvard Law School, he became a director of the Consolidated Coal Company, and then the general manager of the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railway.1 His investments in those companies were profitable, and allowed him to be a man of means, James Roosevelt was dignified and distinguished, and also comfortable and fully content. He was baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church but became an Episcopalian because it was not only his wife 's religion but it was favored by his social set.2 Although most of his friends and neighbors were republicans, James was a Democrat who retained his aristocratic values. 3 The Delano 's, like the Roosevelts, prospered in America, making a fortune in Chinese opium trade. FDRs mother, Sara Delano spent most of her life growing up in Europe. After attending finishing school in Germany, she returned to America, and at her father 's wishes became engaged to her sixth cousin, James Roosevelt.4 On January

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