Franklin Roosevelt 's Influence On The United States Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a well-educated, controversial leader that made a lasting impression on the United States of America. He was extremely effective in office due to several strong attributes he possessed. Roosevelt was the only president to serve more than two consecutive terms in office, and he even captured a fourth term before he died. The continuous reelections would prove that Franklin Roosevelt was a man of the people for the people. Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership skills guided the United States through two major events in the country’s history. He guided the country through the Great Depression in the 1930s and the majority of World War II. Franklin Roosevelt would have a major impact on the United States economy and people. Roosevelt would create plans and programs to get the country and its people back on track during hard times. The United States would become a global super power after World War II. The leadership skills that Roosevelt utilized allowed him to become one to the greatest presidents in history. Even through Roosevelt was one of the greatest Presidents, he still had his critics that questioned the outcomes of his plans when looking at the future of the United States. As a child, Franklin was educated very well. From three to fourteen, Roosevelt would receive superior educated compared to the majority of American children. Unlike the majority of his peers, Roosevelt could read and write in German and French. At the age of fourteen,
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