Frank's Gone Girl

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Stories fascinate me. The way and why they're told, their comments on humanity, and what we can learn from them compel me. Even the various mediums themselves are interesting, of what each kind brings to the campfire, from films, novels, music, and paintings to video games, some more than others. Most significantly, it is what I passively observe about them, which I try to implement into my general knowledge, awareness, and common sense as they've come to be my only source of these types of information.
Everyone has their own problems, and I feel like it'd be an imposition to share mine. In any case, the shift that collapsed my sociality and replaced it with introversion involved a temporary farewell to people close to me and a permanent goodbye to someone extremely close. Having social anxiety however, at times, can sound stupid to have, like where's the difficulty in just talking to people, and
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Though, speaking for myself, there are several movies, books, and even games in recent memory that were genuinely influential. The indie film Frank claims it's more important to retain self-esteem and enjoying things one actually finds delight in rather than changing character to appeal to the masses and seek others' gratuity. The novel Gone Girl stresses the line between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional character or person. Novel and video game series, The Witcher, deems even the most powerful or heroic of men are still subjects to the world, and they will always make choices that have some unavoidable evil to them, affecting certain parties over others. Although there are times I might get a sort of cognitive dissonance being overwhelmed by so many principles. Like at what point does a hobby someone loves break the acceptable extent of weirdness? How much trust should I put in some people? How can I have any confidence in the crucial types of decisions I
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