Frank's Story Of The S/O In A Bumble Box

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She was shocked that the S/O was a cop, she already knew or had an idea because Frank had access to a lot of things. Frank informed her that the S/O was his second marr iage, his first wife put him in jail for conspiracy. His ex-wife took all of his money and that is how he got started. He put the S/O through school. They have three (3) kids, 17, 1, and 2. She has pictures in her phone of the whole family with the S/O in a Bumble Bee costume dated October 2015. In Frank's house is a lot of cameras so there will be video of her and Frank counting money. She knows Frank because her son was arrested and Frank gave her bail money for him. When asked what kind of things Frank had "access" too, she stated that he has special permissions, but she
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