Franney Monologue

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I waited impatiently as i waited for my mom and her boyfriend to make up their minds. I knew we were probably just going to get the usual barbeque and original hot wings with a side of fries; Honestly it’s our tradition now, but im not going to complain i like this tradition. I tapped my fingers on the seats of the Wing Stop; Occasionally running my finger over the edge of it, my fingers making even more contact with the polished lumber. I finally heard the cash register ring and i perked up,and hurried to chose our table.. I chose the four seat table by the walls, and i got comfortable quickly as i sat down right next to the wall. I saw my mom and her boyfriend chatting presumably about work. I took out my phone and listened to them while…show more content…
The only reason i came here for, i heard my mother's name being called out...somehow the nickname “franny” was butchered. ( i still remember you Tina) I paused from my excitement to acknowledge that….it was Franny...not Franney...I was soon shaken out that when the amazing scent of sweet spices hit my nose, sending me straight to heaven; my mouth just watering. As soon as the tray was set down i immediately grabbed 4 of the original hot. It wasn't long before the sauces over took my mouth and sent me to a flavorful, fiery journey with the fries accompaning it . Call me food obsessed but i blocked out a good portion of the rest of the conversation, i for a fact am not a clean eater so it doesn't surprise me when i hear my mom say the words of “Clean your mouth! You're not a child”. Wiping my mouth with the napkins, i took a few fries and set it on my plate. Usually i would have the thoughts of “take it easy, you're going to gain so much weight’ but now those thoughts were gone i just continued to chow down. I took a sip of soda, squeaking the straw a little, yeah it doesn't take much to say that i have my favorite restaurant. But could you blame me? With such an amazing scent and almost addicting fries no wonder this place holds such a place in so many people's
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