Franz Boas : The Father Of American Anthropology Essay

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There are many anthropologists out there who each have their own findings and thoughts. The one anthropologist who I felt I really connected with and was very interesting in his findings and thoughts, was anthropologist Franz Boas. Boas was a white, Jewish male. He was known as the Father of American Anthropology. Franz Boas has demonstrated major work in physical anthropology, linguistics, Cultural anthropology, and the famous four field approach. Additionally, through learning about Boas’ findings and thoughts, I was able to engage with his work, evaluate it, think about the works limitations, ramifications, and its lasting import. Boas’ has made a difference in many peoples lives and has been very involved. Boas had a very interesting life growing up leading him to the person he was. As stated “Franz Boas was a German-born anthropologist who founded the relativistic, culture-centered school of American anthropology that dominated 20th century thought.” He was born 1850 on July 9th, in Minden which was in the Westphalia area of Germany. Growing up, being the son of a merchant, Boas was very protective about his health, which lead him to spend a lot of his time with books. Although Boas was completely Jewish jr grew up feeling as if he was not Jewish, rather he felt as if he was German. Ever since Boas was five years old he was interested in natural sciences such as, botany, zoology, geography, astronomy and geology. Boas’ interest in the history of
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