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Gregor, the main character from the book, “The Metamorphosis” written by Franz Kafka, is about a young man that works to hard and turned into a bug because his parents pushed him to be a hard worker. Gregor turning into a bug really changed his perspectives on life in a bad way. He felt socially isolated and like an outcast which eventually lead him into a great depression where he stopped eating and eventually died of starvation. Since society's expectations differ from person to person, change is inevitable and can be hard to adjust to.

“Everyone is so nice until they drive you to kill yourself” is off the tv show on netflix “13 Reasons Why”. This show has a good connection with the book “Metamorphosis”
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The article is titled”Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter”. This article relates to metamorphosis because his family bullied him to the point where he thought his life wasn't valuable to anyone. Gregor's mom and dad pushed him to hard which lead to him turning into a bug. After Gregor turned into a bug his family disowned him and they abandoned him which lead to his depression of being alone. He was so bullied by his family that it caused him to want to give up and die. That's exactly what happened and his parents could have accepted him even though he went through such a large change . In conclusion metamorphosis relates to even real life situations and it's a good book to read if you are going through an hard time in your life with dealing with change because it really shows the negativity that someone can show, can really crush a person and it could even lead to worse situations.This book had an huge impact on my life and how i see things differently because not everyone has the same point of view and some things you can't change about yourself so you either learn to accept it or just face the consequences of not accepting
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