Franz Kafka 's Life And Work

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Author Franz Kafka was born on the third of July, 1883, as the oldest child of Hermann Kafka and his wife Julie in Prague. His family from the fathers side was from Südböhmen und moved later on to Prague. His mother was originally from a wealthy and popular german-jewish family. His father grew up in a part of the tschechisch-jewish part in Milieu, but the family was more orientated at the german speaking culture in Prague, like everyone else in this time at this place. Kafka had three younger sisters, Valli (1890), Ottla (1892), and Elli (1899). All children were send to german schools and were able to speak better the german language then the tschechis. Franz Kafka visited from begin of 1893 the high school in “Altstädter-Ring” and became his highshool diploma there. He studied law and right at the university of Prague and was also taking classes of germanistik and art history. In 1906 he became his University diploma with an promotion to an Ph.D. in right. Starting at around 1907 he began to write and in 1910 his first short story “contemplation”. He was visiting the theater multiple times where he made friends with Marx Brod, Felix Weltsch, and Oskar Baum. The year 1912 counts towards the most productive years of Kafkas life. Franz Kafka was not able to get in a long term relationship with woman. All of his affairs had an ending. Kafka created his first big pieces of work in the fall of 1912: The short story “the Judgement”, The roman “the missing person”, and the

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