Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosis

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Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis (1914) is about the transformation of Gregor Samsa into a giant insect. His life has been miserable due to the fact that he works to meet the standard necessities of the family after his father has lost his business. Kafka implies that Gregor’s transformation is simply a manifestation of what he was already experiencing. It is a punishment for Gregor not having attempted to engage with others. Kafka’s main theme is alienation and he explores it passionately through Gregor’s introverted life before his transformation, the metamorphosis of the family’s treatment towards Gregor after he turned into an insect, and Gregor’s behaviour after his drastic change. According to the author, Gregor has always been an introvert. He would lock the door of his room and stay there and he would not even make any connection to anyone in his family, but her sister, Grete. Before his transformation, he would lock his door for privacy (class notes). Gregor is a hard-working man and he has dedicated his life to his work even though he is unsatisfied with his job. He would often think about rebelling against his family, but he can’t quite grasp the idea of leaving them. His willingness of working tirelessly for the sake of his family proves that he loves them. It is proven that he is lacking human contact because he cuts out a picture of a model off a magazine and he hanged it on his wall (414). This means that he has no special someone to spend his life with
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