Essay on Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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In the Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka transforms the main character, Gregor Samsa, into a bug. Kafka chose the bug for several reasons. The bug is a symbol for the life that Gregor has. His life is full of loneliness and emptiness. Furthermore, Kafka wrote this book shortly after the Industrial Revolution. There is a connection between the bug-form of Samsa and the transformation of workers into machines.      Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman who brings in most of the income for his entire family. Waking up before dusk, he spends all of his day out working. On page four this is evident when Gregor says,” What a grueling job I’ve picked!” He has no time for his own pleasures. Even after he is transformed, all he…show more content…
The bug is disgusting and revolting. Its physical features are very different from the features of humans. Yet, Kafka chose to transform Gregor into a bug. Perhaps it is to show an example about how quickly it is that people judge physical characteristics rather than what makes up a person and the personality inside. According to the novel, Gregor was the most sympathetic character out of everyone else. He worked hard for the family. He had dreams for Grete, his sister. Gregor never gave up on his family. In fact, to unburden his family, he hid in his room and kept out of site. Ultimately, his family was the people that killed him. Thus, it is ironic that Kafka changes Gregor into one of the lowest land-forms when, in reality, he is shown as the most thoughtful and nicest family member.      At the beginning of the 20th century, the Industrial Revolution had hit Europe an was traveling to America. With the Industrial Revolution, specialized workers were replaced with machines. The economy soon became most consisting of huge, metal factories with assembly lines. Kafka is making a connection with the Industrial Revolution by changing Gregor into a bug. A bug works along the side of other bugs in the colony in order for survival. Yet, there is no real acknowledgement for the work of a specific bug. The Industrial Revolution created factories that use men as nothing more than mere bugs.      Out of all the creatures and
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