Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Literary Analysis

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The novel Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, is a story about a traveling salesman, Gregor, who lives with his family to support them financially. Metamorphosis is a classic novel that is studied in many schools for its symbolic use of words, as well as the thought process that is put into it while reading. In the novel Gregor’s father had previously owned a business that failed. This causes Gregor to work in order to pay off his family’s debt. Although, Gregor hates his job, he continues to work in order to support his sister and parents, up until he morphs into a bug. This causes Grete to grow into more responsible duties in the family and to be treated more like an adult. Throughout the novel Gregor and Grete live parallel lives; in the beginning Gregor is treated as the…show more content…
Grete comes to the realization that Gregor had physically morphed but it was still her brother. Throughout the novel Grete’s responsibilities change and she brings him food everyday. As this continues, Grete informs the rest of the family about Gregor, “Oh, he liked what he had today, [or] He left everything” (25). Grete took the responsibility of taking care of her brother, rather than anyone else. Grete would then tell her family in hopes that one-day they would go see Gregor. The more she talked the more his mother wanted to go see Gregor. One night she argued, “Let me go to Gregor, he is my unfortunate boy! Don’t you understand that I have to go to him? [Gregor thought it would be nice for his mother to come], she could still do everything much better than his sister, who, for all her courage was still only a child” (31). Gregor and his parents appreciated Grete's help, but at the same time they still think she is too young and does not need the responsibility she tries to take on. As the novel continues, Grete exceedingly matures while Gregor starts to be treated as a
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