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Franz Marc was a German artist and printmaker, and also one of the key statistics of the German Expressionist movement. Franz Marc was born in February 8, 1880 in Munich and past away in March 4, 1916, eventually Marc was only 36 years old. Wilhelm, the father, was an expert landscape painter; his mother, Sophie, was a strict Calvinist. Marc began to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich in 1900. In 1903 and 1907, he spent time in France, intensely in Paris, visiting the city’s museums and copying many paintings, a conventional way for artists to study and improve technique.

Marc made sixty prints in woodcut and lithography. Most of his developed work portrays animals, usually in natural surroundings. His work is
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The blue, as Marc prescribed, gives a peaceful note to the agitated atmosphere. He recollects an illusionistic portrayal within which he seeks to form a rich colour composition that reflects the vitality of his subject. The principal achievement in Red Horses is this portrayal of the uninhibited energy of nature using completely naturalistic colours. 2. Figure : Tierschicksale by Franz Marc
This Tierschicksale is one of the most popular landscapes drawn by Franz Marc. It characteristic of the sense of apocalypse that began to taint Marc’s work and is relate to his feelings on the forthcoming war.

This painting used of numerous elements and principles of design. Using line showing the contrast between the animal and the floras. Also, the value (tone) and colour used containing dark and light in colours, the tone of the colour on the right of the painting is darker, and lighter colour on the left. Moreover, this landscape created an emphasis (focal point). An animal is clearly shown in the central of the landscape and creates a focal dominance.

Marc clarifies that he began to see the ugliness in animals which he had previously thought only existed in humans. The use of lines and geometric shapes in this landscape carried the emotional charge previously conveyed by animals. This landscape related to Marc's ideas on the impending war. Marc was part of the school of thought that the war would purify and redeem the
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