Franz Schubert Essay

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FRANZ SCHUBERTMusic Appreciation Section 02


It was Franz Peter Schubert, who said to a friend “I have come into the world for no other purpose but to compose”. For someone to be so certain, focused and dedicated at such a young age with extraordinary talent and promise, finding out more about Schubert’s life and astonishing music was a must for me. Franz Peter Schubert was bone in Vienna, on January 31, 1797 to his father, Franz Theodor Schubert and his mother, Elisabeth Vietz. Because Schubert father was a schoolmaster, he began receiving lessons from his father at an early age, as early as age five. A year later Schubert was enrolled in his
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In Schubert’s Erlking, there is the narrator, father, son, and the Erlking, which is all song by one person. Because the Erlking is done by one person, that one singer is to deliver each character in its fitting tone. The frighten child is song in a high register in minor, while the father is sung in a low register that distinguishes with the high pitched of the son cries, and the Erlking has modest melodies in major keys. The Goethe’s ballad tells a story of a father riding on a horseback through a storm with his ailing child in his arms, as the child is being followed by the Erlking which denotes death. At the very beginning of the Erlking, the piano begins with rapid octaves. It is said that the triplet rhythm unifies the occurrence of the song and suggests that it represent the horse’s dash. The narrator then paints the perfect picture so that you are able to perceive this wild late ride as the farther holds his unwell son so tight and closely to him. As the Goethe ballad continues the son cries out to his father, my father in a forte tone to inform him of the Erlking and his presents. The father, who uses a lower register tone, try to consol the boy and keep him calm by suggesting that the Erlking is a streak of mist and the whispering promises from the Erlking was only wind rustling in the dead leaves. After the son cried out for the last time to his father even louder than before, “My father, my father, now he is taking hold of me! The Erlking has hurt me!”
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